Yes, the topic today is Maple Surple – real Maple Surple. And why is it surple instead of syrup? Simple answer – because I like that word. I’m never sure how I want to pronounce syrup. Is it sir-up or is it sear-up? I just looked it up, and the dictionary site I used gives the first one, but I’ve heard plenty of people say it like sear – as if you were searing meat on a grill. Well I don’t want seared liquid on my pancakes, and as far as I know Queen Elizabeth has not knighted it, so surple it is. Besides many little kids say it that way, and I am a kid at heart.

So here’s the deal. I’m sure we all love REAL maple surple, and because of the price difference, we usually don’t buy it in the grocery store. That fake stuff works to add some sweetness. Last year in October, my brother and his wife took their honeymoon trip to Vermont. My brother borrowed my digital camera to take along and I told him, that in exchange for that favor, he should bring me some real maple surple.

Did he? Have you met my brother? I’m sure the answer to both questions is NO, or at least to the first question. He used the camera; I got no surple!

mapleI was more than willing to continue living with my fake stuff, but when a real live human being is going to Vermont from Nebraska, the rule is to bring back the real stuff. So for the last year I have wanted craved real maple surple. Deep down to my toes I have craved it. So this year, some friends were taking a nice “see the fall colors”  trip to Vermont. Aaahhhhaaaa I thought. My chance is here!! The request was placed, and lo and behold, a very nice can of real Premium Grade A Vermont Maple Syrup arrived at my house. Not only did the surple arrive, but so did a bag of real Maple candy!! A whole bag of little candies shaped like maple leaves, labeled with Harlow’s Pure Maple Candy, and ohsoyummy!!! I know the kind thing, the nice thing, the right thing, the expected thing is to share, but that just might not happen this time.
openspaces Oh and just in case you might be wondering about the whole maple thing – I thought I would mention that we don’t have maple trees in Nebraska. We also don’t have oak trees, or birch, or chesnut. Okay let me be totally honest – trees are darn rare in Nebraska. Here’s just one little sample photo of Nebraska. Can you see a tree? Nope, not a tree in sight and that view goes for miles. Miles and miles of wonderful blue skies and wide open spaces. I guess it is a good thing my favorite color is blue and not green.
So that’s my entry for today. Some people would close with “Have a good day” or “Have a great day” but let me just say …

Happy Surple-ing!!
end of entry