Today’s interruption is brought to you by a giveaway and pumpkins.

giveaway fabricsMore specifically the Pumpkin Patch Primitives Quilt Shoppe is giving away a HUGE fat quarter bundle of Red Rooster’s Pumpkins and Spice fabric line. It is yummylicious!! Well at least the photo is, and I’d really love to win and touch and fondle sew with it. I have a million ideas of what I could make.

Another bright note for today is that I leave in the morning for the quilt retreat. I’m so excited!! There is a slight interruption though as my friend has come down with something and won’t be going with me. She has vowed to sew at home the entire time, but I will miss her loving encouragement and fabulous sense of humor.

As the farmers around here say: There’s always next year. (as far as the retreat) For the giveaway, I am planning on winning: this year, this month (actually Nov. 1st) this time.

P.S. I found this contest at Elaine Adair Pieces – she’s listed over there is my sidebar. If you enter yourself, please give her the credit.

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  1. Actually, I am responding to “Sadness” post – your not getting to all-day sewing. Good thing you stayed home and SAFE and off the roads.

    This morning, when coming to work, I was enjoying the snow beauty, I have food in the cupboard, a decent house, fireplace if needed with all the blowing snow. I was saying that old familiar, “This is the day …etc.” and feeling all is right with MY world today.

    I walked in the church, down the hallway, doing absolutely nothing unusual, no slipping, carrying nothing, when WHAM, my back gave me a reminder of my age! Whew! Pain, tears, definitely a major issue. Immediate cold packs, my boss called his wife for “the Bomb” meds (her migraine meds). I am now moving, not breathing deeply and realize my “this is the day…” lasted until about 9:00 am. 8-)))

    Nice to read your posts.

    • I didn’t know how to move this comment to the other post, so I’ve left it.

      Sorry you’ve had an interruption to your day and you are feeling under the weather. (Please excuse the pun.)

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