Today’s interruption is brought to you by Crisco or whatever other brands of shortening are out there.

This was a couple of months ago.

Ring Ring or more like Doo-dah-DEE-duh Are you hearing the Halluliah chorus ringtone? Nothing as ordinary as ring ring for me.

Hello. Dessert is served in five minutes. WOW! Be right there. The conversation was short, very short. I think they hung up right after I said WOW and just assumed we would be there. And we were.

Our friends had invited us over to enjoy a freshly baked peach pie. Lois had gone to her son’s house to check on things and water the plants, and there right in front of her eyes was a pie. It had been a surprise gift for their son and new wife, but since they were off traveling for their honeymoon, Lois didn’t want to just leave it on their porch for another week. The fact that the pie was sitting on top of the freezer was just not an important point to her. Who would think of putting it in the freezer to await their return? Certainly not me, and obviously not Lois either. Thus, we got the phone call. When something good happens, share the news, or the pie, whichever the case may be.

We enjoyed! We raved! Especially about the crust! It had been forever since any of us had tasted crust so yummy and flaky and so homemade. If a pie is cut into 8 pieces, and there are 4 people, simple math tells you we got to bring some home.

Not long after, I got to meet the pie maker. Meredith makes lots of pies every week and she made it sound so easy. I just figured I would probably never learn the secret.

Yesterday, I headed out the door to go and have coffee with Lois. This is not an interruption in my daily, or at least weekly routine. We like to get together and catch up on news or plan what things are coming up in the way of quilting classes we might be taking.

As I walked in the door, there was Meredith, the pie maker. She has become a friend of Lois since the wedding and I just figured our coffee time would be a threesome, which always is fun.

We’re going to learn to make pie crust Lois announced, as she asked me if I wanted flavored coffee or regular. I chose flavored since it was already made and we could get to the pie making faster.

Get to the pie making? How exciting! I was going to learn how from a pro! I was going to become a pro, which was even more exciting! No more cooking shows on TV for me. I was going to be the star!

So Meredith started putting flour in the bowl. “How much” I asked. hmmm Meredith replied. “You’ll have to sort of guess. It depends on how many pies you are making” It looked to be about 4 cups of flour to make enough for 2 pies, with both a bottom and top crust. Next was the Crisco, and again with the “have to guess” method. Again, I guessed it to be about a cup and half.

This was not going to be easy at all. It seemed like I was never going to be a pie maker. Goodbye stardom. Goodbye TV show. Hello again Mrs Smith my old friend.

Throughout the next hour we watched; we learned. About the texture of the dough, the temperature of the dough, when to add a little more shortening, when to add a dribble more of water, how to flour the counter and then roll out the dough, as well as some other neat tricks and helpful hints. Yes, Virginia, you can teach an old dog new tricks. Now I just have to be brave and try it, or go and study all the step-by-step pictures at Pioneer Woman. She has a totally different recipe but it does have actual measurements if you’d prefer not to guess.

And speaking of Pioneer Woman, did you notice her site is in my favorites in the column over on the right hand side? And did you know she is coming out with a cookbook, with LOTS of living color pictures? And did you know it is the only thing on my Christmas list? (so far)

Happy Pie Crust making to everyone. What a pleasant interruption to an otherwise ordinary Wednesday afternoon. Next time I’ll take pictures.

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