Today’s interruption is brought to you by the USPS and retreat.

I’ve been looking forward to my quilt guild’s retreat since I joined the guild a year ago. Actually I wanted to go to the retreat even before I joined, and quite possibly was the very reason I joined. I had heard from friends how fun it was and all the munchies they had. Food always does it for me!

lunchI had recently ordered a booklet with some quilted items and was hoping the USPS would come through for me and deliver it on time. They did, and I am happy. I’m not a very prolific quilter, but I do have LOTS of ideas as well as supplies. In fact (feel free to roll your eyes) I just bought some favrick (fabric, for those of you who don’t speak childease) to make some market totes. I’m actually considering making them for gifts for Christmas, but am wavering because of my limited sewing skills.

If they come out good, I’ll want to keep them. But if they come out bad, I won’t want anybody to see them. Dilemma Dilemma! Oh wait, I can make double – one for me and one for a gift. Another for me and another for a gift. I might be onto something here, but as I said, I am NOT a prolific quilter.

As I close this post, I’d like to give a shout out to my brother, Richard. It is his birthday. I’ll be kind and not tell you how old he is, but alas, he is still younger than me. If you notice my archives, you’ll see that Richard seems to get mentioned regularly. I have two other brothers I love just as much, but they are much quieter and not as prone to note-worthy escapades.

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