I was standing at the stove the other night fixing supper and having one of those "lost in space" moments. You know the moments I mean – the ones where your body and your mind are in two different places.

The Boss

I then got my body and mind all lined up again and realized just how much I miss Kit-Kat. What a great little buddy and what a loss in our home now that he is gone. Kit-Kat was a pound kitty. When I was working at the police department, the animal control officer talked me into giving it a try. She said she had a cat in the pound that really wasn’t the usual pound kitty. He had arrived in town with a family when they moved here. They had been living with relatives and searching for a place of their own where they could have pets. They had been unable to find an apartment, and were making the tough decision to find a new home for their cat. They had tried to find a good home for him, but had been unsuccessful. The animal control officer had agreed to see what she could do, and I became the target home long before I knew what was going on. “Just try it for a few weeks. I’ll take him back if it doesn’t work out. He’s had all his shots, he’s neutered, and about a year old. How can you resist?”

It should have been easy to resist. I was not a cat lover at all. I’d tried a couple of kitties once and what an experience that had been. So why I ever said yes, I’ll never know. But I did, and as quick as a snap, there he was, making himself the king of the house. He actually didn’t arrive with a name, and Kit-Kat became a default name. Jennifer and I couldn’t seem to come up with one we liked, and bounced between calling him kitty, and the cat. So eventually Kit-Kat just became his name.

He was a lover cat. He wasn’t one to play much, but liked to be in the same room as people. He was a big cat, about 16 pounds most of his life. Jennifer enjoyed him a lot and even had him in some of her senior pictures. He arrived with some very unusual quirks, and I really always thought he might be half dog. I’d always had the belief that cats are picky eaters, but that didn’t hold true with Kit-Kat. He also loved to be vacuumed – yes every time the carpets got vacuumed, so did the cat. He would come over by the running vacuum cleaner, flop down on the floor and just wait to be cleaned. I once had a Kirby salesman come to the house and I told him I had to know if his vacuum cleaner would pass the cat test. Kit-Kat didn’t like his noisy thing, and I had to give the sales guy a demo with mine so that he could see how Kit-Kat really did like to be cleaned. Needless to say, I didn’t buy a new one.

When Gene moved here, they became the best of buddies. I think Gene just has a way with animals to begin with, but the little treats Gene would give him sure helped in the beginning. One of the favorite treats was “hamburger man”. Yes, raw hamburger rolled into little balls, and made like a snowman, stacked on each other. I didn’t think an animal should be fed any place but in the regular dish, but it wasn’t long and I was doing hamburger man also. Along with anything else we discovered he would eat – cooked noodles, chicken, olives, bread, and even veggies were all things we tried.

So, the other night as I was cooking supper and thought to myself how I hadn’t made “hamburger man” for Kit-Kat, my thoughts quickly drifted away from the task at hand, and I was sad for a moment as I realized just how much I miss that little guy.

R.I.P. little buddy. You are greatly missed.


December 1992 - December 2005

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