Today’s interruption is brought to you by 38 old cars and brothers.

So, I’m going about my normal daily routine: wake up and stumble to the coffee pot. Actually this is right after I stumble somewhere else, but I didn’t think that was a detail you needed to hear. So I have my coffee, freshly made by Gene of course. He is so good to me, and he gets up earlier than me. Next, I grab the newspaper off the front porch to see what news I might have missed. Mostly I read it for the comics and local sports. The rest of the news I’ve probably already seen on the internets.

Time to check email. The usual newsletters, and not much else. But wait! Why do I have email from the Omaha World-Herald. I don’t subscribe and it wasn’t marked as spam. I can see by the preview that my brother Richard has sent me a story. Actually a link, but I can already tell by the subject line I am going to see Carhenge, whether I like it or not. I’ve already sent flowers to my brother, thanking him for his kindness.


Carhenge is the scourge of my little town. Most people seem to think we could have done without this little tourist attraction, especially when it is #2 on the list of wackiest places to visit. Here’s a little quote from the World-Herald article:

The only attraction deemed wackier than Carhenge is the toilet seat museum in San Antonio that features more than 800 decorated toilet seat lids but no bathroom.

BUT the rest of the world loves it. I’ve had visitors from three foreign countries, and several US states, and they have ALL wanted to see Carhenge. One of them in a blizzard and one of them even wanted to go straight from the airport.

And let me tell you about this straight-from-the-airport visitor. He lives in England. Ninety minutes from Stonehenge! 38carsNinety minutes that he had never found, for gawd’s sake, to visit Stonehenge. And now it was top priority to see Carhange? Kids these days! Now I admit it is unique, but not worthy of the homage it has received. In the end it was good we had gone from the airport as things changed drastically in the next days. Princess Diana died. This young man was devastated. This young man felt so alone in a foreign country that doesn’t have royalty. A country that is thousands of miles from where he wanted to be. We were glued to the television for days.

I don’t know if my brother, Richard, has ever seen Carhenge or Stonehenge for that matter, but I can guarantee that the next time he comes to visit I WILL give him the royal tour. Oh, and I lied about the flowers.

Footnote: Yes, I borrowed the photo of Carhenge, but just until I can drive out there to take my own, which I’m sure will be very soon.